Alternative Trip Courses in Bursa (I)


The first address is Bursa Şehir Müzesi (Bursa City Museum) in order to know the city, its historical and cultural past before the itineration. The most important and first city museum will give you a broad aspect about the city and you will have an idea which places should be visited next after you observe scaled city model in the museum.

Ulu Camii, Bursa (Ulu Mosque)
Orhan Cami, Bursa (Orhan Mosque)

After visiting Bursa City Museum you can continue itinerating city by walking. On the left side of Burse City Museum, beyond the Statue of Atatürk there is an underpass. You can cross the way after underpass and on the left side you will see Orhan Park. Besides you will see Ulu Cami (Ulu Mosque) on the left side and Orhan Cami (Orhan Mosque) on the right side of Orhan Park.

Koza Han (Koza Inn) , Bursa
Pirinc Han

Right behind of the Park, you can in shop covered Grand Bazaar of Bursa. This city is famous with textile products and you can find kinds of velvets, silk and towels in the Grand Bazaar. There is another choice, you can face with the history in an inn-yard where is embellished with old trees. Specifically we suggest you to stop over and take a rest while drinking a tea in Koza Han (Inn), Pirinç Han and Emir Han.

Bakırcılar Çarşısı, Bursa (Coppersmiths Bazaar)

You can walk through Bakırcılar Çarşısı (Coppersmiths Bazaar) where you can see many hand made products made of copper. You can pass from here to Balibey Han (Balibey Inn) and watch the crafts working on distinct traditional arts.

In traditional Bursa coffee house that is located on the terrace of fourth floor of Balibey Han, you may have your tea or narghile watching the city walls coming from depth of history.

Osman Gazi Külliyesi (Osman Gazi Mausoleum)

We suggest you to tour around Tophane if you are ready to walk again after having a rest in Balibey Han (Inn). Tophane is a place where you can see Bursa from bird’s eye perspective and also you can visit mausoleums of Osman and Orhan Gazi who are founders of Ottoman Empire…

You can understand the city better from Tophane and by binoculars you can look at the places you will visit next.

Kale Sokak (Kale Street) Bursa

You may visit Kale Sokak (Kale Street) to observe old houses in terms of civil architecture in Bursa. This is the best street you will see the best samples of civil architecture. If you still have time to walk you can pass through streets imitating a labyrinth and reach to Pınarbaşı (a district). Here you can see water ways from Roman period that met the needs of water of city.

Zindan Kapı Renovation, Bursa

After seeing Fethi Kapı, you must go to Zindan Kapı. Then from Zindan Kapı walk down to Cilimboz Vadisi (Cilimboz Valley)  You can watch around like the rocks that were built as walls to protect and deep stream bed while walking in mysterious valley. The way brings you to Muradiye district when you follow in Cilimboz Valley.

Fetih Kapı (Conquest Gate), Bursa

Muradiye is a district that is the oldest and protected from destructive effects of modern time. The most important and the oldest two factories welcome you when you enter into neighborhood. The first one is Silk Factory which was operated by Madam Brotte first and then French consul Romangel.

And Fabrika-i Humayun will give you some idea how important was textile sector for Bursa.

Fabrika-i Humayun, Bursa

After Fabrika-i Humayun you will walk to Kayabaşı Sokağı (Kayabaşı Street) opposite the factory. This is the street of which the people (Greek origin) had to leave more than 90 years ago.  You can reach to Muradiye Avenue by following historical houses and streets. You can see Greek’s church of which the roof is destroyed. Later we suggest you to visit Muradiye Mosque and mysterious Muradiye mausoleums. Specifically mausoleums of Sultan Murat and Sultan Cem and Prince Mustafa who was son of Sultan Süleyman.

Sultan Cem Mausoleum (Cem Sultan Türbesi), Bursa

In the meantime, at the right opposite of mausoleums you should visit Uluumay Halk Kıyafetleri ve Takıları Müzesi (Uluumay Folk Clothes and Accessories Museum) that is the first museum of Türkiye at this special branch. And also 17th Century Ottoman House   and living museum of Hüsnü Züber.  Another parenthesis must be opened for Hüsnü Züber because of his life story but maybe in another article.

If you are hungry after all these visits, you can pick your food from Ottoman Cuisine in Darüzziyafe.

Karagöz Müzesi (Karagoz Museum), Bursa

Afternoon, two routes are suggested, by a vehicle you can go to Çekirge district. So you can visit Atatürk MuseumOrman Müzesi (Forest Museum) and Karagöz Museum and another place to visit in Çekirge is I.Murat Camii Medresesi ve Türbesi (Medresa and Mausoleum of I. Murat Mosque)…

And finally  Yıldırım Külliyesi, Emir Sultan Külliyesi and Yeşil Külliye are suggested to you to visit by a vehicle. Külliye, as you may already know, means social complexes of Islamic Ottoman culture.

We will be telling about the second route in Bursa in our next writing.


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