Tutmaç Soup from Turkish Cuisine


Tutmaç Soup

As said for centuries Tutmaç Soup is an heritage from Seljuks and still consumed with enjoyment in our ages. We are sure you will like this soup arising from the combined forces of chickpea, lentil and Turkish type of nodle. (called erişte)  Tutmaç soup has high level of nutritional value and keeps you filling.


1 tea glass boiled chickpea

1 tea glass boiled lentil

1 tea glass noddle (Erişte, Turkish type of noddle is preferrable)

1 piece onion

4 – 5 spoons oil (Sunflower)

1 desser spoon dried mint



For dressing the soup

1 Spoon flour

1 Egg yolk

1.5 (One and half) glass yoğurt


How to cook Tutmaç Soup

Now we are commentating how to cook a Turkish soup, only one of countless soups.

First of all boil the lentil in a relatively smaller pot but try to keep them still fresh because lentil will be boiled again in soup itself. So the dark water of green lentil is not used, for your information. If you will use canned lentil, there is no need for boiling lentil.

Put 5 – 6 glasses of water into a pot and boil. When the water boils, put some salt, already boiled chickpea and lentil then noddles. The soup is boiled until noddle (erişte)  is cooked.

Important note: You should be careful not to melt lentil when you first boil aside from soup because it will be again in boiling soup.


How to dress the soup;

Ingredients (flour, egg yolk, and yoğurt) for dressing are mixed in another pot.

Add some soup water into mixture for dressing the soup slowy and get it warmed.

When noddles are cooked in soup the mixture of dressing is added into soup by blending and continue to blend for 2 or 3 minutes more. Turn down the heat when soup is boiled.

In the mentime;  Cubed onion is fried with liquid oil (sunflower oil) in a pan. Onions must be caramelised well and then dry mint is added. This mixture is also added in the soup already boiling on the oven.

Continue boiling the soup 8 -10 minutes more after adding our last mixture (caramelised onion and mint) then it will be ready after getting as warm as you wish to have your soup.

Tips and tricks of Tutmaç Soup

The lentiles must be boiled much and you must keep a little bit fresh because it will boil again with the soup.

You must be careful that ingredients must be fresh especially egg yolk and yoğurt

Since water of soup is very hot and dressing mixture is cold you can’t put the cold mixture into soup boiling. Otherwise it curdles. That’s why you should get a few spoons into dressing mixture slowly for changing its temperature.

Mixture for dressing must be added to soup slowly and at the same time it must be blended.

Boiled water of green lentil is not used in soup because it changes color of the soup.

Bon apetit…



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