Toyga Soup

Toyga Soup (Turkish Cuisine)

Here, we will introducie you Turkish Ottoman Cuisine and you fill find them all cookable in your kitchen and learn more about Turkish Cuisine.  Please take a look.

Toyga soup is from Turkish cuisine and belongs to Osmaniye, Dortyol and Erzin (Southern Turkey, Cities Adana, Hatay, Osmaniye).  This soap can be consumed hot or cold.


250 gr rice for soup or (wheat (cracked wheat))

1 kg Yogurt (no matter if it is fat tor non fat. Besides, condensed (strained) yogurt might be preferred))

A pinch of fresh or dry mint.

100 gr butter without salt

A pinch of salt

6 glasses of water

1 Egg yolk

2 spoons of flour

150-200 gr Chickpea (boiled & canned) (filled in water glass)


Recipe :

As a first step you should boil race (or wheat) in water.

Put yoğurt egg yolk and flour into a pot and mix them until it get mixed by whisking completely.

Put the mentioned water and boiled cracked wheat (or rice) into pot (over the mixture). Then light the heat to boil. But never forget blending with a spoon not to come together in heaps.

After boiling, turn down the heat, add already boiled chickpea into soup  and continue heating 10 – 15 minutes more.

Fry the butter together with dry mint in a diiferent pan. Then add into soup and mix again. Fresh mint leaves will give your soap nice view and taste.

You can serve hot.

Keep your soup in refrigerator and we are sure you will like it to have cold next day.

Bon appetit! / Afiyet Olsun.


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