Step by Step Bursa (Episode 2)


Bursa is one of the cities in Turkey, that should be definitely seen with marron, chestnut trees and marron sweets, Iskender Kebap, İnegöl Meatball, silk, tile, judas trees, Handmade knives,  Peaches, olives, Kemalpaşa desert, Külliye(s) (Islamic-Ottoman social complex(es)), mausoleum, monks, evliyalar (Moslem Saints), curative thermal water, Irgındı Bridge with bazaar of small shops, Historical Bazaar and Inns, houses of hundreds years, covered Turkish bazaars, The Telpher, Chenars, Yörük villages (yoruk is Turkish nomad), Uludağ (ski center, national parks, trekking paths in nature)), Apolyont Lake, famous districts İznik, Cumalıkızık, Mudanya, Trelye and 2200 year history…

Bursa has tourism activities in 365 days of year by presenting her natural and historical beauty and is a city having alternative tourism potential in Marmara Region with winter tourism, belief tourism, thermal sources and cultural texture…

In years of 325 and 787, 1st and 7th Council were held in İznik, Bursa. In terms of this, İznik is one of the eight holly pilgrimage centers of Christian Sphere.

Point of Islamic view, Ulucami, the most important post of Islamic world after Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Aleppo is in Bursa.

Besides the mausoleum of Emir Sultan Buhari who girded sultans with swords and mausoleum of Somuncu Baba who was Moslem Saint are in Bursa.

In terms of thermal water sources, Bursa is well known not only domestically but known by many Europeans. This curative sulphurous water has been continuing to present health to people for hundreds of years.

Uludağ is the summit of green Bursa. Uludağ where there are national parks and ski centers. Also Kültürpark with amazing landscape and Botanik Park and Zoo Park add greenery of Bursa’s green.

Bursa gained the image of open air museum with the architectural structures that were built during first six Ottoman Emperors. Briefly Bursa is very rich city in sense of history and nature.

In our next writing we will share alternative trip routings in Bursa…


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