Phenomenon Foods from Turkish Cuisine


The name of the recipes sharing the recipes  We have been carrying the local and universal flavors for a full 10 years since 2007; Each recipe has been tried separately, the photo of all its flavors and the video recipe of many.

Delicious Recipes, which are shown among the best in the country in this field, offer you the opportunity to find and give recipes. There are plenty of options for anyone who wants to cook at home on this site. There are many categories on the site that includes all kinds of recipes from sweet to salty. These categories, which include everyone from switching to supplementary food to dieters, offer a lot of options. Snacks, legumes, diet food, stuffed-wrap recipes, meat dishes, beverage recipes, pasta recipes, rice recipes, sandwich recipes, Vegetable Dishes, egg dishes, desserts and cakes are just some of these categories. NYT, which is also very effective on social media, has Facebook and Instagram accounts with millions of followers.

One of the most important features that distinguishes Yummy Recipes from many recipe sites is that you can see the authors of all recipes. You can see other recipes and followers shared by the authors and get an idea about the author. This definitely increases the confidence in the recipes. Perhaps the most useful feature on the web and mobile part of the site: Recipe book. You can save the recipe you want in this virtual notebook and take a look at it whenever you want. With this notebook, where you can archive your recipes regularly, you no longer have the risk of losing your recipes. Wherever you are, your recipe book is always in your pocket and a click away.


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