Oğmaç Soup with Green Lentil

Oğmaç Soup from Turkish Cuisine

Brief Information about Oğmaç Soup from Turkish Cuisine

Oğmaç soup is originally brought by Turks living in the Balkans during excambium of people in between Anatolia and Balkans. Depending on the accent of the area in where Turks lived, Oğmaç is called as Uvmaç or Ovmaç and all of them points out the same soup. We here will describe one of the versions of Oğmaç Soup made with green lentile.


For dough;

½  glass wheat flour (whole wheat flour is preferrable)

1 dessert spoon Dry Mint

Red pepper flakes

Enough water to make dough of the flour. It might be around half glass water.

1 tea spoon salt

For Soup;

½ glass green lentil

½ glass boiled chickpea

1 Onion

1 spoon gravy (tomato paste)

1 tea spoon salt

10 glasses of water


Recipe of Oğmaç soup with green lentil

Before our soup, we had better prepare dough that will be cooked in the soup.

How to prepare dough;

Put flour, dry mint and red pepper flakes into a stewpan. Pour down water bit by bit to keep the stifness to knead. We are kneading the dough. Later when the dough is ready, we make small balls of dough by our fingers (using forefinger and thumb). The shapes of dough is up to you but smaller is better.



You can cube onion into small pieces or you can grate if you do not want it to be seen in the soup.

Then we add liquid oil (sunflower oil) and torrify onion in oil. Then we add spoon of gravy and stir for two minutes.

Next step is to add boiled chickpeas into pot and to stirr two minutes more.

Then we add water of 10 glasses around and after this we add boiled lentiles and balls of dough. We wait until dough to cook over a low heat.

It is the soup to cook easily and it tastes deliciously. We will continue to present recipes of Turkish Cuisine.

Bon apetit..


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