Aselsan MIUS UAV, Breathe a New View into Drone Systems


ASELSAN makes difference with drones, the latest products in military technology. Here it is SERÇE (SPARROW) multi rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle systems and here are the details…


ASELSAN who plays a prominent role in Turkish military techonologies with drone systems draws attention. Military duties are now easy and fast with new soldiers of modern world that researches, observes provides inttelligence.

Specs of Unmanned Aerail Vehicle Updated

New UAV technologies developed by ASELSAN accomplished to color outside the lines of fixed and rotary wing models at mini, micro and nano classes. The specifications of new technology were presented.  Again ASELSAN continues using multi rotor UAV ARI-1T with rotry wing UAV and fixed wing mini UAV systems.

Mius UAV System Will Have Multi Units

ASELSAN MİUS UAV was developed for security of natural gas piping systems and the project has abilities of pre-scheduled flights and performing tasks. MIUS UAV having functions of discovery, survey, research  and obeying commands weight 8,8 kg and has ability performing its duties in area of 20 km diameter. It can work one and half our on average.

The vehicle having 3 wingspan can take off manually and both has ability of pancake landing and parachute descent.

Develope a Nano UAV

Another project that is developed by ASELSAN is nano UAV project. ASELSAN schedules to manufacturing drones lighter than 500 grams within the scope of this project. 25 minute flight time, communicating and video transmission over 2 km are some of the targets in the project.

Authorities report that these projects have great importance fort he national economy.


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