Alternative Trip Courses in Bursa (II-b)


We continue to view and to find out where to go in Bursa, Turkey in our following writing.

Your next stop after Tophane and Muradiye Külliyesi (Muradiye Social Complex), might be Şahadet, Fenari and Alaaddin Paşa Camileri (Şahadet Mosque, Fenari Mosque, Alaaddin Pasha Mosque) that they are on course. You can visit building of Fabrika-I Hümayun that is used as Faruk Sarac Fashion Design Centet today and Üç Hanım Kızlar Türbesi (Mausoleum of Three Young Ladies) as well.

In the end of Kaplica Street and on the point of junction with Hamzabey Street, you will see Muradiye Külliyesi (Muradiye Social Complex) that was built by Sultan II Murad who was father of Fatih Sultan. Muradiye Külliyesi is one of the holly and mystical places in where life and death, sadness and peace and dream and truth are all together.

Ottoman House Museum, Bursa

Ottoman House, Museum, BursaWhen you go out to square in front of Muradiye Cami (Muradiye Mosque) after visiting of Muradiye Külliyesi, you can see ‘Ottoman House’ (Osmanlı Evi) that was said Sultan II. Murad resided in and that has been used as museum in our age.

You can also visit Uluumay Ottoman Folk Clothes and Accessories Museum near Ottoman House.

Another idea, if you have any chance to be back to Muradiye Külliyesi (Muradiye Complex) suppertime to have a feast along with fasıl in Darüzziyafe Restaurant of II.Murad Imaret (public soup kitchen) in the social complex.

After visiting Uluumay Ottoman Folk Clothes and Accessories Museum, you can walk to Hamzabey Street and visit Hamzabey and Kara Mustafapaşa Türbeleri (Mausoleums). Then along with one side of Çelik Palas Hotel you can some to Çekirge Street  and may visit Atatürk Köşkü (Atatürk Mansion) that is very close to Çelik Palas Hotel.,

Karagöz Museum, Bursa
Karagöz Museum, Bursa

There is the only museum of Türkiye, Ormancılık Müzesi (Forestry Museum) ahead from Atatürk Köşkü (Atatürk Mansion). You will see Karagöz Anıtı (Statue of Karagöz) and Süleyman Çelebi Anıt Mezarı (Süleyman Çelebi Mausolea) while walking along the Çekirge Street. There is Karagöz Müzesi (Karagöz Museum) right across the Statue of Karagöz that must be another place to visit.

Then, you can visit I. Murad Hüdavendigar Külliyesi  (I.Murad Hüdavendigar Social Complex) that is in the west of city in Çekirge. By the way, I.Murad Hüdavendigar is the third Ottoman Emperor.  You can drink your tea in the tea garden next to mausoleum of I Murad by viewing the city…

You should come back to Çekirge Caddesi (Çekirge Street) by taxi and go through the door of Kültür Park (Culture Park) across Çelik Palas Hotel. You must visit Arkeoloji Müzesi (Archeology Museum) in where historical artifacts from the ages of Roman Empire and Byzantium Empire.

As last places we should suggest you to visit are Orhangazi Cami and Ulu Cami (Orhangazi and Ulu Mosques). You should take a taxi to go to city center where the Tayyare Kültür Merkezi (Tayyare Culture Center) and Municipality Building are in order to see Orhangazi and Ulu Mosques. Then you can tour and shop in the city freely. For instance you can go to Koza Han, Emir Han, Pirinç Han or Aynalı Çarşı (Mirror Bazaar).

You can go to Bedestan or Uzun Çarşı (Bedestan or Long Bazaars) in places that goldsmiths, silversmiths, furniture dealers, quilt makers and sellers, towel sellers, thread sellers are and shop depending on what you need. If you are hungry and have grills you can go to Çiçek Izgara (Çiçek Grill) or for İskender Kebab you can go to famous Iskender Kebabçısı next to Tayyare Kültür Merkezi (Tayyare Culture Center). You may choose fast food and Zafer Plaza is the closest place around for this sort of food. Or you may wish to eat meatball so you can go to Üç Köfte Lokantası (Three Meetball Restaurant) that is at the entrance of İvaz Paşa Kapısı (İvaz Pasha Gate). It is not a garish place but we strongly suggest and after meatball Kemalpaşa Tatlısı (Kemalpaşa Desert) with milk.

In Bakırcılar Çarşısı (Coppersmiths Bazaar), Akay Restaurant on the right side of Bazaar is the best option for original Tatar method original patty (Turkish type ravioli) and Çiğ Börek (Patty from Turkish Cuisine). Or you can have Kayhan method meatball in pitta bread at Küçüksaray or Hacıoğlu Restaurants.

After having meal Turkish tea is good and you can drink in Aşıklar Kahvesi (Minstrels Coffee House) that is in the corner of Köy Pazarı and on the right side of historical (old one) Municipality Building…If you want to entertain yourself in night there are entertainment venues in Kültür Park or on Çekirge, Altıparmak Streets.

If you want to have fun with Turkish fasil music there is no doubt that the best venues are on Arap Şükrü Sokak (Arap Şükrü Street).


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