Alternative routes for a trip in Bursa


We suggest you two day trips or daily trips when you visit Bursa.

For a daily trip, the first thing you should do is from morning to noon you should visit Bursa City Museum (Bursa Kent Müzesi), Bursa Archeology Museum (Bursa Arkeoloji Müzesi)  and Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (Türk İslam Eserleri Müzesi) to recognize Bursa, its history and cultural past. Besides these three museum are the places that should be visited before touring the city.

Muradiye Complex (Muradiye Külliyesi )

Secondly, following your lunch you must visit sultan social complexes. You will be visiting for the first five Sultans who laid the foundations of Ottoman Empire and the Emir Sultan who was spiritual leader of city of Bursa while you visit these Ottoman Islamic Social Complexes (Külliye).

Emir Sultan Complex, Bursa (Emir Sultan Külliyesi)

This trip lasting one day may give you some idea about the values, past and formation of the city.  However, we suggest you to stay one week to know Bursa exactly, to feel the city and lost in time.

Tophane Clock Tower, Bursa (Bursa Tophane Saat Kulesi)

So we offer you to visit inns and historical bazaar in city center for daily trip. If you will stay one night in Bursa you can add Tophane and city museum (Kent Müzesi) to your visit list. You can take a rest in evening curative waters in many of the hotels after visiting Sultan Social Complexes.

Misi (Gumustepe) Village Bursa (Gümüştepe Köyü Bursa)

If you will stay somehow two days in city, for instance if you are in a business trip we offer you to visit Cumalıkızık or Misi (Gümüştepe) village and then take the Uludağ by cableway (telpher).

Misi Village, Bursa (Gümüştepe Köyü)

If there is a third day in city we offer you to visit either to rent a car or by your own car, you can drive to İznik that is the city being a capitol for three different empires and then Mudanya, Trilye, Gölyazı Köyü (Gölyazı Village) , Ulubat Gölü (Ulubat Lake).

We believe for everyone to find a place to love in accordance with one’s interests.

You will find three detailed routes for trip in Bursa in our next writings.


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